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Short Story

2 Pages

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Short Story

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3 Pages

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Thieves Sister


18 Pages

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Unbelievable Sandra Moment

Short Story

10 Pages

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The Adventure of KANDINI


18 Pages

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Blocked Street


28 Pages

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Cerita Sampah

Short Story

21 Pages

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Short Story

8 Pages

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Will Gates

Short Story

2 Pages

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Short Story

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Kenangan Terakhir Bersama Seorang Sahabat

Short Story

8 Pages

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Stories Review

The Red String of Fate
Review By DHEZI

Interesting read!

I loved how the writing style and the language used by the author makes me feel like I am travelling inside the story. I also enjoy how the characters are illustrated. Each character in this story is granted traits that are easily distinguishable from other characters. I would say though, that partly because of that, the story lacks in character complexity. But that doesn't really bother me seeing that it's a short story, and thus it's challenging to go in depth with each character.

There are several grammatical mistakes, but fortunately they're all minor. The storyline is also very promising and has great potential, but there are several elements I didn't really favor. The beginning part really captured me, yet I am not a big fan of the romantic ending. I think romance is truly unecessary and doesn't bring much justification to the ending, which I think is the only flaw in the plot. Fortunately, the moral message conveys, which is ultimately what's important.

In overall, this was a terrific read and I would definitely recommend it and would love to read more from this author.

Jangan Panggil Saya 'Haji'
Review By Made sy

Cerita yang menarik dan menggelitik.

Tema cerita yang diangkat sangat orisinil, menyoroti kehidupan masyarakat dewasa ini. Cerita memuat kritik sosial namun dengan gaya penulisan yang baik, penulis mampu menyuguhkan cerita ringan, menarik dan mengundang senyum, serta mampu menggelitik pribadi untuk melakukan introspeksi diri.

Sangat direkomendasikan.

Will Gates
Review By Made sy

Cerita yang dapat menyegarkan hari Anda..

Siapa yang tidak tahu Will Gates ehh xxx Gates :) hmmm pasti semua tahu walaupun tidak mengenalnya. Sehingga bisa dipastikan ide cerita yang disajikan bukan sesuatu yang baru. Dan disinilah kecakapan penulis ditantang untuk memoles dan membuat plesetan cerita Will Gates sehingga membuat  hari kita lebih segar. Disajikan dengan bahasa ringan  dan lucu khas anak muda, namun tetap mengandung pesan moral yang dalam.

Review By DHEZI

Incredibly heartwarming story.

I admit I was a little baffled in the beginning. I thought the man's actions were eerie and a little rude, bearning that he emerged out of the blue. The plot of this story is very familiar, yet for some reason I didn't see it coming. The end had really hit hard, which is a feeling I seek when reading stories.

The writing style really swayed me as well, through its use of practical yet astute words, sharp as a knife. The author did a brilliant job conveying emotions through words. In spite of several grammatical errors here and there, the work itself remains undisturbed. They're not too noticable, although it would definitely help to have them altered.

In overall, it's a job well-done. I'm looking forth to reading more from the author!

Review By DHEZI

This short fiction is truly inspirational, a notable work. Powerful message; You don't have to be superman to be perceived a superhero, often it's about the merits you possess that are greater than supernatural abilities, like wisdom and generosity.

Broken Promises
Review By rine27
bagus tapi rada aneh 😏 luv it