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Title: Girl, Undefined
Category: Humor
Language: English(US)
Published: February 2018
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Total Readers: 227
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Total Pages: 7
Written by: DeeDee

Everyone thought of Maggie Arlott as that vulgar, condescending and snobby rich kid at the back of class. Maggie would never be able to fit in a holy institution like Crossroads High. “Too overbearing, too despicable”, says Swett, a former desk mate.
It got so bad that a typical misfit no longer seemed like one compared to her, and ocial groups of all stages of the ladder—Jocks, Nerds, the Emo, hippies, punks, preps—are bound by their perception of her.

Even Chance, the boy of a million chances, felt as if he'd run out of chances to spare her. But when he witnessed her free falling down a utility pole one Sunday evening, he could only pray for her, for that was the moment he realized there was more to her than the rebel she made of herself.

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