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Title: The Red String of Fate
Category: Short Story
Language: English(UK)
Published: July 2017
Total Hits: 159
Total Readers: 137
Status : Complete
Total Pages: 8
Written by: Orion
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Interesting read!

I loved how the writing style and the language used by the author makes me feel like I am travelling inside the story. I also enjoy how the characters are illustrated. Each character in this story is granted traits that are easily distinguishable from other characters. I would say though, that partly because of that, the story lacks in character complexity. But that doesn't really bother me seeing that it's a short story, and thus it's challenging to go in depth with each character.

There are several grammatical mistakes, but fortunately they're all minor. The storyline is also very promising and has great potential, but there are several elements I didn't really favor. The beginning part really captured me, yet I am not a big fan of the romantic ending. I think romance is truly unecessary and doesn't bring much justification to the ending, which I think is the only flaw in the plot. Fortunately, the moral message conveys, which is ultimately what's important.

In overall, this was a terrific read and I would definitely recommend it and would love to read more from this author.

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