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Title: Boy Who Broke in My Window
Category: Humor
Language: -
Published: October 2016
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Total Readers: 11
Status : On-Going
Total Pages: 93
Written by: Dhira Vidhea


Life is a flop. A big fat flop. Astrid hated life. For seventeen years, she’d been a rock—living in monochrome with a jumbo bag of laws. All she ever craved was a life of adventures; she was convinced that only by that will she discover true bliss. One desperate night, she wished upon a shooting star. Never did she anticipate a stray boy to break in her bathroom window five minutes later. But it wasn’t just her house being broken into, but her heart too. It didn’t take long for her to draw madness in the days that followed; from ding-dong ditching, getting involved in numerous fist fights with the queen bees of high school to witnessing a family affair. But again, this was what she’d always craved, wasn’t it?

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