Two Good Men

Reviewed by DeeDee
Writing Style

It's an incredibly well-written story, I'm in awe. The description drew me instantly from the get-go. It was brief yet it challenged my thoughts and made me ponder about how the story would run, for it presents ideas that are pretty vague.

The writing itself is also pretty brief. It impressed me because the author was able to cram in a lot of details throughout that allowed me to meticulously envision the story and experience the emotions throughout without making me process too many words in a go. The story also has a really nice flow and structure to it, which made digesting the plot  easy despite the heavy use of language. While the story flowed incredibly naturally for the most part, there were transitions to scenes that felt a little bumpy.

There are parts where the author alternates from one scene to another in an abrupt manner. This calls for a page break, which is not in place in the story, yet is highly necessary in order to help the readers anticipate. But in overall, i thoroughly enjoyed reading this short story. Kudos to the author!