A thing or two about doubts.

Doubts haunt our minds most of the time. It follows us like a shadow, imitating our every thoughts just to alter it. We’re familiar with doubts, because they’re a part of our lives. It comes in many forms, and I know it well as insecurities. They haunt my mind constantly. It does distract me from making the right choices, for they question my every move. It questions my capabilities of achieving my dreams and goals, and honestly that doesn’t sit well with me.

As human beings, we’re all afraid of failing; of becoming a disappointment. That feeling has never sat well with us. It’s upsetting and frankly, depressing. It’s so hard not to be consumed by the need to always be perfect; to be on point. But then again, we’re all just human beings wanting to survive, and to do so we have to fit in; to be accepted by the norms.

Now add a bucket full of doubts to the equation, then you’ll see a human being striving to succeed. Doubts are a funny variable. The only way you’re going to solve it and finally figure out how to eliminate it, is to act as if they don’t exist. You close your eyes and ears to them, and pretend they were never there in the first place.

Doubts are essentially just another distraction in life. They’re like tall, wide walls blocking your way from that sweet success. The only way to overcome it is to either climb it, dig a hole underneath, or simply rent a bulldozer and have your way with it. But of course, it is easier said than done.

As a teenager, doubts have become a common obstacle. They’re always there, but you just probably haven’t realized their presence because of the many distractions that life offers you. I did say doubts are just another distraction in life, and if life gives you that power to choose which distraction you can have in your life, why are we still facing doubts even when we don’t want to?

Here’s the thing, we made that decision as soon as we succeed. How are we going to continue to develop if nothing is triggering us to think critically?

So, technically doubts are good, because they push us to go over the limits and reach for the skies. But yet again, too much of everything is never a good thing. So, we have to learn when we should run from doubts, and when we should embrace it.

It is okay to run sometimes, because you just need some time to yourself—keep your composure in check and let yourself have a breather, even if it’s just for 2 minutes. Because doubts are vicious. They will not hesitate to corrupt your mind.

So you better be ready because once it strikes, oh darling, it won’t be pretty.


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