Dokyeom's Late Night Bookstore! Vlive #81

Book title: “The Gift of Words to Me” 

Book: what will you do to fill the never-stopped-flowing-time? I will fill it with beautiful moments.

Dokyeom: This time is a beautiful moment for me, reading this to you…

Author: Hearing these words makes me wonder; am I filling my time just fine? Am I wasting my time now? Because for me, my time nowadays feels so hard, and definitely not a beautiful moment. Not at all… What to do to make it a beautiful moment instead? It’s not that I can just step out and forget everything and leaving my responsibility to pursue my own happiness… 

Is making this writing a beautiful moment? I don’t know... but maybe, when someday someone said to me that my writing helps him/her, then I will feel super happy and won’t regret filling my time with this; right?

Oh.. I think I’m rushing my time again!


So tell me, what you do to fill your time? Are you filling it well?


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2020-06-18 19:50:54

@Madesy Thank you! finally someone share their feelings! Yeah, nowadays it getting hard to keep going.. TT but the fact that someone else having the same feelings ease my heart.. :'3

2020-06-18 12:12:04

me too.. I think most people have the same feeling with you, so no worry. Just keep trying and do the best.

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