Hi guys! I’m having a bad day today, no, every day. I don’t think I’m doing ok nowadays. I’m in a bad mood all the time; so many bad thoughts… I guess I’m not ok, really. And I feel like nobody will understand nor help, because everybody is also having their own problem. I can’t love myself like I used to be, I can’t feel happiness by living, no matter how much I tried. ‘Love Yourself’ is not something I can tell myself now… Woah! Enough ranting!

So, I found DK’s late night bookstore really touching and helping… at least it gives more time to ‘hang on’ in this life. And if you have a bad time, just like me, maybe this will help. No, hopefully, this will help!

And English is not my mother tongue and I’m bad, really bad, at grammar, so I’m sorry!!!

And I tried to translate it to Indonesian in the other book: ‘indo ver’ in my own way. In my own understanding so…………………….


Ok, enough! I really talk a lot *and write even more* gee!


This book will continue as long as DK continues his Vlive radio kekeke~

Ps: I really love his voice.. really. His singing voice is amazing but his talking voice is also amazing: very shooting for me. 



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2020-06-18 19:50:54

@Madesy Thank you! finally someone share their feelings! Yeah, nowadays it getting hard to keep going.. TT but the fact that someone else having the same feelings ease my heart.. :'3

2020-06-18 12:12:04

me too.. I think most people have the same feeling with you, so no worry. Just keep trying and do the best.

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