Eleanor, that’s what she calls herself. No one knows her last name, nor even her face, but she has been known throughout this city for her crimes.

            They say she was the most powerful villain, rumors say she has superpowers that made her invincible. Many detectives and agents have been chasing her for years, but she was neat, detectives couldn’t even find her tracks.

            Now, a senior FBI agent, Lucy, was trusted to specifically catch this villain woman. If someone could match the same cleverness as Eleanor, Lucy would be the one.

           A teenage boy has been murdered. His body was found in the middle of the street with a knife wound on the chest. Lucy sighed whilst staring at the young boy being wrapped inside a body bag. “I’ll see the family today to gain permission for an autopsy,” she said to her partner, Seth.

            Then, they both went to the victim’s residence. Nicholas, the victim’s father, greeted them with a bitter smile. With a heavy heart, the couple must agree for Viktor, their son, to be autopsied. Both agents quickly went back to the base. Viktor was scheduled to be autopsied soon after both agents came back. The doctors had been waiting inside the surgery room. Lucy had hoped they would find something after the autopsy.

            The wound on the chest was obvious, it made this poor boy died. The wound was deep, he lost a lot of blood. “There must be a reason,” said Lucy inside her head.

            “Check the brain,” she commanded the doctors.

            Lucy was leaning against the wall for a few minutes. She unconsciously closed her eyes and was half asleep. She hadn’t had enough hours of sleep since she was assigned to this case.

            “Ms. Morgan,” someone called her name. Then the voice grew louder, “Ms. Morgan!”

            Lucy opened her eyes, “Sorry.”

            The doctor opened his mask, “We’ve found something,” he said while lifting up tweezers. “It’s a small brain tumor.”

            She was stoned for nearly a half minute. Lucy made a silent eye contact with Seth. The rumors were true.

            They both rushed outside. “What’s in your mind?” Seth asked.

            “Eleanor’s a psychic.”

            Seth was trying to keep up with Lucy’s furious steps. “What’re we going to do?”

            Lucy didn’t answer but Seth was still following her. Seth was trying so hard not to ask her anything. At a time like this, Lucy was very likely to get angry. Lucy drove the car, they were going into a direction in which Seth had never been to before, but Lucy knew what she was doing.

            They arrived at some kind of a slum. Graffiti arts and smells of cigarettes were strong. Lucy rubbed the walls, searching for something on the wall with a bunch of drawings there. She placed her hand on a head of an eagle drawing, a keypad suddenly revealed itself. Lucy pressed some of the glowing buttons, and the wall was split into two. It was a secret entrance.

            The agents entered the place. It was dark and dusty, but surprisingly impressive. A guy with curly blond hair greeted them. “Good day, Agent Morgan. What you need?”

            “I need that thing right now.”

            The guy chuckled, “Thought you never ask.” He paused a while to stare briefly at Seth. “Sure thing, follow me.”

            They both entered a small room while Seth was asked to wait outside. He could only wonder what Lucy was doing, he’d hope she wouldn’t do something dangerous.

            A few minutes later, he heard a scream inside the room. A painful one. Screaming, groaning. Seth banged on the door, “What’s going on?” he yelled.

            “Relax, pal. Your girl’s fine,” the blond guy replied on the other side of the door.

            They came out of the room a few moments later. Lucy was wiping the blood from her nose while the blond guy was cleaning a syringe with a napkin. Seth could only stare at them with confusion.

            “It’s fine. Let’s go.” Lucy said, tugging at her partner’s arm. And they both went out. Seth made sure he gave the blond man a threatening look.

            “You okay?” Seth asked when they were about to enter the car. “Let me drive.”

            After a cough, Lucy replied. “Drive to The Georgia pub.”

            Seth furrowed his eyebrows, “You look like you need a doctor.”

            No answers, but Lucy glared at him. Without more questions, Seth quickly set up the GPS and drove away. The car ride wasn’t pleasant. Lucy kept groaning and snorting, like someone who were under drugs.

            When they both arrived, Lucy instructed him to sit on an empty table behind her and try to look innocent. Seth just nodded.

            Lucy sat alone, selected a drink from the hologram panel on the desk. Her fingers drum against the table, agitated.  A waitress bot came to her and gave her the ordered drink. Then a woman with a brown coat approached, sat across Lucy. “So, Agent Morgan,” she smiled. “Finally we meet.”

            Lucy took a sip on her drink, “I’ve been expecting you.”

            The stranger woman chuckled, “I’m assuming you’re smart enough not to come here with just one friend.”

            Inside, Lucy cursed. “Leave him. Fight me, Eleanor.”

            Eleanor hissed, “How pathetic.” She laughed again. “You’re willing to sacrifice your life to be injected with a genetical manipulation, just to fight me?”

            After Eleanor said that, Lucy’s head began to spin, blood coming out from her nose. She knew these wouldn’t last long, someday she might wouldn’t be strong enough to handle the pain. But Lucy could see vague forthcoming things for a brief moment. It was all so hazy that she needed more time, to sum up, what would happen.

Lucy took out her gun, and at the same time, Eleanor did too. Lucy had seen this in her vision. She wondered if Eleanor saw it too. They pointed their weapons to each other’s heads. Few people inside the pub were already scared and screamed.

            “As you may have noticed, Agent Morgan,” Eleanor arrogantly tilted her head, “what I did, would bring relief to their family. I killed that boy to put him out of his misery. As I’ve done with my previous victims.”

            “We can’t play God.”

            Eleanor smiled, “But you can, can you? Tell me what will happen for the next 2 minutes.”

            Another pain, another vision came to her head, vague voices made her so dizzy. “Three police cars will come. You’ll take Seth for a hostage, then proceed to kill him, and then kill me.”

            Eleanor’s smile grew wider. “Impressive. You have genetically modified by my DNA. I’m guessing it’s that blond guy’s work, right?”

            Soon after, three police cars came surrounding the area. Everyone inside was running away except the three of them. Few police officers yelled, “Put the gun down, ma’am!”

A small distraction, Lucy took the chance and kicked the woman’s shinbone beneath the table but Eleanor was fast to react. Eleanor shot her gun, Lucy had seen this coming, and managed to avoid it. Eleanor smiled mockingly.

Lucy pulled Eleanor’s gun away from her face. Lucy’s gun still aiming at the psychic’s forehead. Pressing it harder, but with trembling hands. She couldn’t shoot this woman, not yet.

Eleanor smiled, “Touché, detective. One point for you.” Eleanor threw the weapon to the floor. Seth stood up and grabbed Eleanor by the shoulders, put a cuff on her wrists.

            Seth wiped the sweat from his forehead, putting cuffs on Eleanor’s wrists. He did that without a fight from the psychic. She wasn’t moving, but she was constantly smiling.

            “Take her to the car, Seth.”

            While Seth took Eleanor to the car, Lucy could see a wicked smile on her face. Her eyes filled with ruthlessness. Lucy knew Eleanor wouldn’t surrender that easily. Another plan must be inside her vicious mind. And Lucy could see another vague vision of Eleanor’s plans in the future.

            “I’m not done yet, Agent Morgan.” A vague woman voice was heard inside her head.

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