Dhira Vidhea


A little cray, but a lot more lit!

I honestly feel like I can truly relate to the voice in this narrative. Today, it is so easy to be blinded by the idea of perfection, especially when the message often promoted in society tells us that, "You either have to be the best, the worst or different to be remembered". 

Who doesn't want to be remembered? It really is one of the highest forms of glorification, and one would be lying if he were to say that it never mattered to him. To many of us, who are still trying to figure ourselves out, that message implicates that perfection/being best is the only way for us to be accounted for as a significant member of the society (because why would being "worst" be anyone's aim?). That isn't true. Yet some of us fall victim to this pressure, and let ourselves be swayed and encouraged to follow through a set of guidelines in order to be the epitome of what we deem, 'perfection'. Little do we realize the standards we're setting for ourselves. In truth, is perfection even possible? Is it realistic? 

I like how the author adresses this issue that's growing in trend among youths nowadays, and ultimately gives advice on how to tackle it. Content-wise, it is brief, focused and really gives us readers a clear idea of the struggle encountered, which is helpful. Kudos to the author for that.

It's an incredibly well-written story, I'm in awe. The description drew me instantly from the get-go. It was brief yet it challenged my thoughts and made me ponder about how the story would run, for it presents ideas that are pretty vague.

The writing itself is also pretty brief. It impressed me because the author was able to cram in a lot of details throughout that allowed me to meticulously envision the story and experience the emotions throughout without making me process too many words in a go. The story also has a really nice flow and structure to it, which made digesting the plot  easy despite the heavy use of language. While the story flowed incredibly naturally for the most part, there were transitions to scenes that felt a little bumpy.

There are parts where the author alternates from one scene to another in an abrupt manner. This calls for a page break, which is not in place in the story, yet is highly necessary in order to help the readers anticipate. But in overall, i thoroughly enjoyed reading this short story. Kudos to the author!

Interesting read!

I loved how the writing style and the language used by the author makes me feel like I am travelling inside the story. I also enjoy how the characters are illustrated. Each character in this story is granted traits that are easily distinguishable from other characters. I would say though, that partly because of that, the story lacks in character complexity. But that doesn't really bother me seeing that it's a short story, and thus it's challenging to go in depth with each character.

There are several grammatical mistakes, but fortunately they're all minor. The storyline is also very promising and has great potential, but there are several elements I didn't really favor. The beginning part really captured me, yet I am not a big fan of the romantic ending. I think romance is truly unecessary and doesn't bring much justification to the ending, which I think is the only flaw in the plot. Fortunately, the moral message conveys, which is ultimately what's important.

In overall, this was a terrific read and I would definitely recommend it and would love to read more from this author.

Incredibly heartwarming story.

I admit I was a little baffled in the beginning. I thought the man's actions were eerie and a little rude, bearning that he emerged out of the blue. The plot of this story is very familiar, yet for some reason I didn't see it coming. The end had really hit hard, which is a feeling I seek when reading stories.

The writing style really swayed me as well, through its use of practical yet astute words, sharp as a knife. The author did a brilliant job conveying emotions through words. In spite of several grammatical errors here and there, the work itself remains undisturbed. They're not too noticable, although it would definitely help to have them altered.

In overall, it's a job well-done. I'm looking forth to reading more from the author!

This short fiction is truly inspirational, a notable work. Powerful message; You don't have to be superman to be perceived a superhero, often it's about the merits you possess that are greater than supernatural abilities, like wisdom and generosity.